Little Snoods… ✂️

15241825_1238437999564343_8226434134401215520_nAs if it’s almost Christmas!!! I remember writing the last blog and making the promise to myself and on it that we would be posting weekly… well that was about a month or so (or two) ago! Whoops sorry about that.

We’ve been super busy and now Christmas is just around the corner, we even had to post a ‘last day to order for Christmas’ date this week which is all very professional and official, didn’t imagine we would be this busy but we are oh so grateful, thank you! Even now each time an order comes through, it’s very Continue reading Little Snoods… ✂️

Temper tantrums, the lurgy and knitting…

92349e974e1d2a1e9ece4200220f2360It feels like we’ve been a little quiet the last week… there’s probably a few reasons, the main one being that we were hit by the lurgy.  I think it was Grace who had it first bless her, and then very kindly spread her germs to me and then to Mum.  Luckily Maitha escaped it, don’t think I could of been dealing with a vomiting (almost) two year on top of feeling like death myself.  The only way to describe it was like a hangover from hell but without the night of drinking beforehand… and of course in my current situation there is no booze to blame!

Maitha has also decided that she no longer needs to nap in the day which is great.. and Continue reading Temper tantrums, the lurgy and knitting…

#nantrepreneur… ✂️

img_4916If you didn’t know already, we absolutely looooove Instagram and the amazing communities that it creates, we’ve met some incredibly talented and perhaps even more importantly, incredibly supportive people through using this social media app.  It’s flipping fantastic!!!  So going forward I thought I would start our own that sums up Made By Nanny a bit more and would be a little bit of fun… We’ve all heard of a #mumtrepreneur and what a fantastic thing that is to be, so we thought we’d jump in and start #nantrepreneur and see where that gets us!! Please do share it and use when you can and we hope to see Continue reading #nantrepreneur… ✂️

A very happy Nanny…

img_4927We’ve got some exciting news to share with you… Made By Nanny is growing!

And while we’d be extremely excited to announce that we are growing in manpower or sewing space or orders capacity, its more of a personal kind and something that we’re completely over the moon about!

The two little grandchildren that inspired us to start are about to become three!!!! I’m (Amanda) expecting my second baby Continue reading A very happy Nanny…

Everyone back to ours… ✂️

img_4682So this weekend we hosted a little get-to-together for the fabulous Taylor’d Bundles collaborators team… and what a flipping brilliant time it was!

The last catch up was back at the start of the year in January when it was a chilly day in London, while this time we went rural and got everyone to hit the local Oxfordshire countryside… where the weather wasn’t much better! Rain, rain, rain and a bit more rain!

We had planned a lovely afternoon outside but the good old British weather put a stop to that, but not before we Continue reading Everyone back to ours… ✂️

All about these two… ✂️

IMG_6407Made By Nanny is only Made By Nanny because of these two… we started because of them when they came along in 2014, two gorgeous granddaughters from two daughters and therefore making me a Nanny (finally – can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting for that!).

Grace was born first in August followed ten weeks later by Maitha in October and the knitting needles were going full pelt as soon as we knew they were on the way.

As a family, little traditions have always been important to us, whether that’s Continue reading All about these two… ✂️

Here’s to May… ✂️

13240730_1043976919010453_5953036425707319162_nWow wow wow… May is shaping up to be a pretty busy month, it’s making us go all giddy.

We started by taking part in the Taylor’d Bundles Instagram challenge, and we only went and won it! So chuffed! My daughter Amanda does all the photos and social media bits and bobs so over the moon for her and her hard work.  We’ve now got a fabulous afternoon tea at the gorgeous Blenheim Palace to look forward to!

We’ve also been working on some new collaborations and we are hoping to share Continue reading Here’s to May… ✂️

Taylor’d Bundles turns two… ✂️


May is the month that the wonderful Taylor’d Bundles turns two… and we’re the ones getting cake!! How brilliant is that? Haha

These gorgeous cakes arrived this morning just in time for our mid-morning cuppa from the team over at Taylor’d Bundles, as a little thank you for being part of their gang.  We’re the ones that should be thanking them, not only have they made us feel completely welcomed, the cakes were delicious… and we got two! Continue reading Taylor’d Bundles turns two… ✂️

May Day Birthday… ✂️

IMG_5021Hip Hip Hooray… it’s my birthday!! Well it is on May 2nd and its wonderful as it always falls on the May Day Bank Holiday so we get a nice long weekend to celebrate.

This year we are having a nice family day out I believe, I’m leaving it to my daughters to organise so don’t know the exact plans just yet.

In the meantime however I am working on more orders of The Baby Packs, a dusky pink and dove grey one, to keep me busy.  I have just tried a new pair of supposedly better needles that I ordered to replace one that broke, but either I’m suddenly started Continue reading May Day Birthday… ✂️

Classic Cardigans… ✂️

12645253_969258903148922_3510505383803532025_nThis week we’ve been busy with quite a few orders for our classic cardigans, and it’s great.  The cardigan is something that has always been made for newborn babies in our family and that was no different when my two little granddaughters were born.   However I think that as it was two of my own daughters I was knitting for, they were able to tell me what they’d like before I got too carried away.

Both of my daughters wanted to have handmade cardigans for their babies as it was like a little tradition, and I think they also knew that it was something that Continue reading Classic Cardigans… ✂️